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To the trade discussion and on steel aluminum and certainly his involvement and trade across the board with the administration the president was very clear back in september when he said in framers have nothing to worry about is that still the case uh i think we've been pretty clear that we want to find a solution on the daca program and we're gonna hope that democrats are willing to work with us to make sure we actually resolve this issue john in this country who were who were living on it is a needles with their fate is has in store for them what is this white house his message that population of i think that they should storm capitol hill in protests there because that is the place that has held up this discussion democrats are the one that shut this discussion down by forcing a government shutdown by being unwilling to fund the government we lost four days over this process of the conversation that should have been focused on immigration reform fighting over this cr if they had been part of the solution instead of part of the problem then i think we would have already been further down the road in our new go she ations on that package and hopefully we won't have problems like that in the future john the first on the obvious they're congressman tom hole a member of the republican leadership said over the weekend that two eight member republicans in the house were committed to the three priorities the president laid out uh in the process of reopening the government are is the president in cement on those three in the negotiations that are going to follow ending jane migration the ending of the lottery and the appropriations for the wall we've been clear those are our priorities when it comes to immigration look these are the priorities.

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