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A couple of crashes. The first one is I 70 westbound right at Tower. Second ones. I 25 North bound Cole. Thanks. Looks like both of them are on the shoulder. But please do exercise caution. Outside of that. The rest of my 25 is checking clear I seventies, Wonderful in wide open and 2 to 5 is at posted speeds in terms of the mountain drive passenger vehicle. Traction laws in place. I 70 between Silverthorne and Georgetown and again between Idaho Springs and C 4 70 Loveland pass. Fox 31 pinpoint whether it will be a snowy day today with a high of four currently it is minus four degrees. I'm Victor Nature on Keohane. NewsRadio live everywhere on the I Heart radio app. A lot has happened, plain and simple. So where are we now? Real unemployment rate is 10% with a simple stroke of a pen, but it's the future of data. You want to get out of that ditch over dish vaccines and people about including kids back in school, he told them marched to the Capitol and fight like hell every day throughout the day, all the facts so the American people can get the truth. News from the Voice of Colorado Today, Something comes out away news radio. There's something gross to think about. Dirt, dust, dander and allergens. All trapped inside your home. Deep in your carpet fibers turned to the pros it zero red carpet cleaning. To get it all out. Their system is proven to remove more soil and bacteria than the other guys. Zero raises the on Lee. No residue carpet cleaner that works on carpet upholstery and tile to right now get three rooms of carpet clean for only 99 bucks. Called 303471 51 50 or Schedule online at zero rez denver dot com. Wherever your day takes you Colorado's morning news is the place to start. Yeah, I wake up of April of Marty and we keep going back to K away during the day weekdays five till nine.

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