Frankfurt, Labor Market, Interest Rates discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Keeping impact not miller thank thanks matt miller on the right for his in then covering the sp and of course he'll be speaking tito masud map the snb a little bit later on this morning and we look forward to hearing the fruits of that conversation egg keeping his eye on the jenin east lab which is why we took them that don't spend guy yep easily based in berlin plenty of time in frankfurt a and a little time in the swollen allow point country that is swiftlet thirtyseven you have the opportunity let's talk about the other big story the wits discussing judge yell and is pressing ahead with plans to normalize monetary policy this is the best of the ongoing strength of the labor market will ultimately prevail over recent weakness in inflation i eat the phillips curve will work at some point speaking of the raising interest rates for a second time this year the central bank cia played down recent softening of price per russia's voiced confidence that the fed is attracted two percent inflation dope decision to make another gradual reduction in the amount of policy of confrontation reflects the progress the economies made analysts expected to make toward maximum employment in price stability objectives is soaring to us by law turning sound studio jeffrey cleveland chief economist at investment council good morning you think the fed is hawkish yeah i thought the the market shatter the the whisper across market from investors going into the meeting day was that we were going to get a twenty five basis point rate hike but it would be dovish they will acknowledge the weakness the the the you mentioned in inflation and the market pricing in over the next eighteen months just to rate hikes i think before yesterday's rate hike and the fed had been sending a very different message so after the meeting all said it's done uh the the fed maintain and its intent to hike and other time this year and and threetimes next year so just on that alone i think that's a more hawkish qaqish message.

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