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The difference between patrick mahomes and dak prescott even while. He's talking about that bryce. But he's just so about like hyping his dad up from stands just the cutest little kid and if you haven't seen them check out That drone shot Incredible throughout the star unbelievable. Haven't seen anything quite like twelve minutes for was christie. Said they took fifteen tavist teen take me hours and the bottom line is no matter what he what hard knocks does is it draws you in and it makes you kind of have feelings for certain players and then to watch them get cut. It always stinks. Cuts are just gut wrenching. An skies working so hard just to like not quite achieve their goal and that that always sucks well. Tj jefferson clearly. We learned a lot about the dallas cowboys not only in hard knocks but in in his in his His of his segment right. There is an nfl bilo brought all i'm saying. Is that all the all. Those great thought coin wrote down. I'm just glad that you don't choose plastic at the store because you never remembered all that remembered his grab that sharpie. Grab the paper bag. Bring it in hanging said well. It'll be a better segment. Just having him straight up giving takes or the fact that scrawled it on a paper all right. Oh people like to see how the sausages me wanna know. You know. We'll behind the mind. Previewing the nfc west without the bag when we come back the judge and show me. What without the bag bag been sitting on your bag. What would you buying the bag. I went to a corner store and got. What did i get. I just got lake a drink and like small bagged. Like doritos zeke. Tea in some degree. Those zeke will be on tomorrow's show. But i've already prerecorded that interview of tomorrow night's Thursday night kickoff. Pregame show on westwood one so i did not ask him about his gooch missed opportunity. Thank you off. That's part of Wearing westwood one's looking for. Is that a fantasy name. Now we're not zeke. And the gooch. Oh by the way. Mr rudd has been contacting trying to find a time for him from across the pond. It's only a nine hour eight hour time difference. Amazing to try and get our our team name So i didn't do. I need to make best of the best. Yeah you do okay because he might come out somewhere all right so in our next. Do you want to in our next hour. We've got malcolm. I can't wait to talk to him you. He's a seventy eight year old man. Who is i believe. Twenty one on the set of clockwork orange. Right let me get. There's a very fact about that rich. The stones were actually gonna star on that the rolling stones rolling stone. Yes i did a little research and yeah the stones were actually mick jagger was gonna play the star lead role and i didn't know that. Yeah i read that today. I was like wow. We'll ask him about that. I had no idea yet. He was born in nineteen forty three. So in nineteen seventy one that would make him Twenty seven years old. So i'm a little. Wow unbelievable bro. Twenty seven years old on the set of that movie stanley kubrick being the director. Could you imagine kubrick's no. I can't imagine what that was like. We did vincent Story about what kubrick was like. Yeah it's still top video. That is so i guess. We should keep going down that road. Tell us your favorite stanley kubrick story. Back-nine joe flacco back-nine joe flacco. That's where he's on right now. Back non joe flacco. A great nickname bro. Plum snugglers from That's from a ferte on tokyo gold. Yeah i wasn't even said here. A deep allergy to greatness where we come up with the style. Asia's who said. Tj's paper bag bagging with t-.

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