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And you can tell me what. Yeah. We'll try to sway you. No one took Bill Murray. Right. Took them up shit. I was gonna say fuck I get Bill Murray. Jon lovitz is still on there. That's sorta. That's what's between between Lovett's and so good. It's been low love. It's and Ben Stiller Lovett's love love. It's still. Yeah. But also David Spade is still on the in the time. I know. But like what were the only character? He did on SNL that I was like kind of into was the one where he would like do really eight mean Hollywood up dead. That's about Spade is that he was part of that like, what not brat pack. Forget what they call them. But that like the ratty group. Yes. And Chris Farley in them and Schneider. Rob schneider. Nobody picked rob Schneider. Yeah. Baby. Yeah. But he'll be find his footing on that show until he did that Hollywood minute. And then it was I love though. Yeah. That was the only thing. I mean, I didn't like the making cop. It was the making copies spayed the one. That said the joke against Eddie Murphy. That was like, yeah. Yeah. The was star. Yeah. Look look. One more David Spade. Character I don't think he really did. The the goodbye goodbye. Yeah. Stool airline. Get by kids. A falling star is one of the sickest sickest burns. And that's why I stayed away for the longest showing picture, Eddie Murphy and going look kids a falling star. Oh, I kept Eddie Murphy from coming on the show for till like the tilted. This is so because he was pissed off. Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah. Okay. That's so funny. So let's let's all week. Do you guys have lists of your own? I know my. So here's Elliot with the first pick wanna read off your team. Sure, we're coming in with Martin shorts. Swiftly followed by a normal Donald's, Kristen wigs gonna come on stage. You say, hey, I guess be here Kate McKinnon also is there Keenan Thompson, bringing joy to people. I got Andy Sandberg and Adam Sandler working together on some two. They love each other fun Daryl's working on some impressions. And also is going to cover any president probably that's elected save for you got the political severe cover, and then Fred Arvidsson and Chris rock. That's that's how I really like my list. That's a hell of a cast. I can't say that. Yeah. I I don't think it's going to be as good as y'all's. But I do like it very much. You know, why I like your cast? I see them working together incredibly Well, Chris rock had to do a lot of stuff on his weekend update is that normal. Donald Norman goes dead. Sure, definitely we can met considered by many to be like the number one weekend up to. Dan's good A. That's great. That's you. Joe? I had a great time who's your star? Who do you think is the one that is like it's tough on? Let me see your list. Joe? I just want to remember, I guess Chris rock Chris rock is going to be the star of lakes. Was the first one. Yeah. Week might be carrying Wigan McKinnon together for a long time. Ooh. Ooh. I cast. Yeah. They're going to do. Great. Yeah. But I mean, maybe it's iron sharpening iron your cast. It has a lot of characters, and I feel like a lot of just like fun. Silly joy. What if that's a that's a silly cast? Mine us Elliott Elliott, everyone has a silly cast. That's but doesn't that like show who we are as people that we've gravitates. So you're looking at this. I have a silly casper. Actually, I'm a little worried about the camaraderie online, but I could be wrong because I do have a bunch of star power. And they were really good at there's a couple that were really good at doing things on their own. But that doesn't mean they weren't team players. I have Eddie Murphy. Will ferrell. Yeah. That's a good one. Mike myers. Gilda radner. Yep. Chris Parnell Jimmy Fallon Rachel drafts. Dan, ackroyd Cecily.

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