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She everyone Tony Stewart I'm coming back to Indianapolis for the July weekend this is the W. I. B. C. news at news shaking up the primary mix of sun and clouds this afternoon with a high of fifty two partly cloudy overnight with a low of thirty one we get close to the sixties tomorrow I'm John here and I'm Kirk Darling here's what's trending at twelve noon Joe Biden is riding high after big wins in several key primary states on super Tuesday he's a Democrat long Democrat Democrats Democrats Biden took at least nine states including a surprise victory in Texas he's now leading the overall delegate count as Bernie Sanders took the remaining four states including California it was a rough night though for former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg who's decided to suspend his campaign three months after announcing his candidacy the former New York City mayor has suspended his campaign and thrown his support behind former vice president Joe Biden Bloomberg spent millions in ads in super Tuesday states but only managed to pick up forty four delegates after last night's contest in the statement he said there is no viable path to the nomination that no longer exist fox's Rachel Sutherland reporting Bloomberg Elizabeth Warren each only picked up a handful of delegates Warren finished third in her home state of Massachusetts a transportation bill being considered by state lawmakers could cut indigo's funding from the state by about ten percent Indianapolis Republican Erin Freeman who wrote the amendment to the bill.

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