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The funding but she was beating a trust a little bit got it named yes that she got the name or at night and an and none other than the former rhode chief of the fbi was hurry praising praiseworthy ever so anyway well you did you hear the the widow of the other of ice editor yeah you know pera i believe this entire thing you'd have to believe that trump got up in the morning but you know i think i'm gonna pick on this performance her husband just die and i've got a credit on salter makerfield back pain russell mcmurry apart wife matter thing doesn't make me the crap tough get up in the morning let's say how many people are contributor but this congresswoman has a constituency that is going to believe her and not believe the president sure well here with gerrymandered her district in florida if anybody fair to look it up with gerrymandered she has eighty eighty percent voting uh she got eighty two percent of the vote right it's a very good gerrymandered into every possible democractic put them in that one so she's playing to her constituency ivory only if you remember frank there was one of the thing that happened several years back there was a couple went with hopefully driving i think it was the florida and they happen to have a police commander in the hurt something and it was all the string of the congressman from uh washington and the heart of hold the spring on on our president for the democrats nearly string theory correct you one that's all their full of you know dirty tricks but it's not laying do well i think with the the vast majority especially with the trumpster is out there there you know they they see through all this right now or i go back to what you said earlier he hoped for everybody and i think michael the same thing for anybody to believe me congresswoman you'd have to think that oh how can i make a golfer white hilbert with her why only knew that there will be no rhyme or reason neither do that because make love it doesn't the smell her daughter ellen thank you very much realities.

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