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You're not getting the name for. Okay. This is not going to happen. I know he's got the strawberry which I thought the way he makes that. Which would the strawberry lemonade. The first thing I had there that was good was the strawberry lemonade. I really, I really enjoyed it really good then I so I made my way over to the the soup station. I got myself a potato and broccoli soup, which right? Yeah, yes, think and I got myself a piece of sour dough bread and then I. So that was kind of my and I got the garlic cheese pizza thing, and then I got ya. Gotcha. And then I and then I got the other pizza bread the the Quattro from Osceola and and I came back with that. I thought that the pizza bread was great. The Quattro for Maggio was I, I really enjoy. That was probably one of the better things I had there. I still bad. Get it. I understand. I understand that being bad, but good. Everything else. I don't know if I agreed with that was bad, but good, but I had I had the that in and the the other one was fine to the garlic cheese one, but the the, the privately-owned chickens a little suspect. I did not do the the barbecue chicken Asian because it tasted like poison. Right? Yeah, the salon chair on it. I like I was feeling like I was eating, oh, man, didn't. It didn't not good. Like weirdly sweet, it just didn't. It just didn't look great. And then I brought the Brock, the broccoli and potato soup. I really liked. I thought it was good, and I dipped some of the sour dough bread and they're the bread was sweet like you mentioned. And I did not like the bread at all. Like that Sourdot out over. Melt sour and it was not so bread. So. Out of a bag. That's the issue. The multi grain bread I think is is pretty decent, but the sour dough bread is just like they just got it in a plastic bag and then they serve it. It's not even warm. It's just like room templates. And for the fuck of it..

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