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Lord your team so you can go to your team and read five hundred words there you go. That's that's that's what most people will probably do. I know I'm going to. I'm going to scoot right over to the athletic and check out what you wrote about the giants if you wrote bad things. I'm going to send those sorts of nasty notes. You can smash me absolutely okay. All right thanks Mike. Take care all right. Lots of interesting stuff there from Mike. Sando of the athletic. Let's take a quick break here for a word from our espy nation sponsors. When we come back I'll play for you an interview that I did with temple wide receiver Isaiah right giants fans. I'm joined now by. Nfl draft hopeful. Is there right wide receiver from temple as we look forward to the two thousand twenty. Nfl Draft Isaiah. Thank you very much for joining the show. Hey So you. If I'm not mistaken you did not get a combine. Invite correct not were you. Were you hoping for wanted? You expect to get one surprised that you didn't get one You know just just thoughts on that Yeah I was expecting one and I. I was more hopeful. I didn't know what to expect. But you know things are still going well so. I wasn't really discourage our kind of is point right so you you did get a chance to participate in the East West Shrine game and from everything that I read and everything that I that I heard That went pretty well for you. Just described that experience. And you know who you got to talk to their and and you know how you feel like that helped you You know going toward the draft or you know I got to go and compete with some guys that you know were the same caliber talent and it was just a good experience just to you know. Learn from a lot of people like other players like I was down there learning in talking to you. Know other coaches and scouts and you know they were just telling me to be myself doing it and to enjoy it and sometimes what you need because a Lotta Times you know when you have prices you you you kinda over. Thinks he's sometimes you just need to calm down. I guess I've never been in that situation but I would guess that it's it's easy to forget that it's it's a once in a lifetime experience and that That I guess you should take it all in and enjoy it while you're in the middle of it exactly sometimes you when you're in is hard to savor the moment sometimes. I have to come back to that reality so that we can do so. Have you Out of curiosity. My site covers the New York giants. Have you spoken with the giants at all? Yeah we'll continue the conversation You know we're just going to say know. Go ahead go ahead. You're talking about the giants so go ahead now just I- conversations with the giants. You know very hope. I don't know you just you experience in a good opportunity and I was grateful. Good good Can you if I was to ask you your what about six to two twenty. Correct your third. And you've been used you've been used as a as a punt and kick returner as a wide receiver as a running back If I was to ask you to give me a scouting report you know on what you would be bringing to an NFL team What would you say I would say I would be bringing This you know The ability to adapt I'll be bringing the versatile consistent talent and You know somebody that's willing to do whatever they have to do to you know. Learn and look and you know there are some guys in the NFL. Now guy like Like deebo Samuel. Got A lot of attention this past year for for being able to do a lot of different things. Cordeiro Patterson has has made a career out of you know being a wide receiver being a a running back being a kick returner. I think time Montgomery's done some of that. Do you see yourself as that sort of a versatile sort of offensive weapon more than I'm a wide receiver or or on the Kicker Turner or whatever I see myself as someone. Is You know versatile in the sense of where needed I can play that position. You know a lot of times people wanna just play specific position and you know I always had a love game where I just wanted to be on sale. Whether that was being returned kick return ours. You know what I'm saying. I just write loved their feeling of being on a suit and jubilant and the possibility of making a big place so however eat on the field was however starting to get on the field right so so you talk about you know we. We mentioned the fact earlier. That didn't get an invite to the combine so D- feel like in the fact that you're not able to to run a traditional pro day that the with the with the virus going around. Nfl teams are shut. Down and scouts aren't traveling has that. Does that hurt you at all? Or how are you dealing with? You know trying to get your name out there and get your film out there for NFL teams at this point. I think kind of was going on right now and you know the Korean and everything is just kind of suing us. How we should have faith over fear and I've been allowed any of that discourage me you know. I put the work in and I know you know. I know what I can bring to a team and I'm just hoping that you know someone else. Would I feel like I see and like I said I'm from girl? Allow myself to be overwhelmed with things that I can't control. Have you been able to you know since the shutdown have you been able to talk to any any? Nfl teams or or anyone from from you know NFL offices. At all. I know some. There's no go ahead. I'm sorry I talked to a couple of teams not talk to a couple of guys you know and they were just having to not allow these times to discourage me because I found you know and people recognize my talents so again I say I just contained to grind and allow my. I allow myself to have faith in times. They're trying right now call. Hey before I let you go. I have to ask you about one of your teammates. Guy Who I know. Giants fans are interested in Guy Who probably is looked at as maybe a day to prospect. I wanted to ask you about About your thoughts on on Matt Hennessy. And you know what kind of teammate he is and what kind of NFL PLAYER. You'd think he might be. Will you know Matt Hennessy? That's the type of guys that you know is gonNA come in. He's going to work done. No He's not there to play You know when you're trying to accomplish in his mind and Matt I mean so you know I'm excited to see is going to bring you know and is saying but the giants. I think you should be excited to get somebody to that hard working at the tournament and I've seen that'd be retailing. Degree fit all right Isaiah. Thank you very very much for spending a few minutes with me. Appreciate that best of luck to you. Hopefully hopefully you'll hear your name called in the draft later this month and if not hopefully you'll land somewhere with an opportunity to make a roster Valentine line I appreciate you because another five gas. They'll talk to you. Thank.

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