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He told me how much he loved you guys and your support meant so much to him. Thank you, Uh, last October, Mike and I stood right over here together on this field, and we're able to celebrate together that both of our teams, we're going to the playoffs. I know that he would want us to all be there for one another. To continue to support each other, and he would definitely want us to be great teammates in our daily lives. To all the people in attendance tonight have had their lives touched by cancer and have their lives changed forever. Heart goes out to all of you. So thank you all very much. And thank you so much for twins That is Reds manager David Bell, speaking to the fans here at Target field before the Reds and twins play. It is, uh Cancer Awareness night, and they are doing that in honor of David's brother, Mike, who passed away during spring training from cancer this year. Before we get started with the ball game tonight. Let's take a look at tonight's starting lineups and we'll begin with David Bells Reds coming in right at 500, the Reds trying to snap their four game skid tonight. And right now, we actually David Bell is going to catch the ceremonial first pitch from Kelly Bell serious and she bounced it up there, but David handled it well. Alright, here we go. For the Reds. It'll be Jonathan Indian leading off. He's the second baseman. Batting second, The designated hitter Jesse Winker in right field, hitting third. Nick Castano's Tyler Stevenson will catch and bat fourth, batting fifth, the first baseman Joey Votto. Hey, you Hey, neo Suarez will play third base in bats. Sixth. Batting seventh are STDs Aquino. He's the left fielder. The shortstop is Kyle Farmer batting eight. And batting ninth. The center fielder Scott Heinemann. Tyler Malley starts on the mound for the Reds tonight. Once more for the Reds, India, Winker Castano's Stevenson, Votto Suarez, Aquino, Farmer and Heinemann. With Molly pitching. Now for Rocco Baldelli's Minnesota Twins. They are 30 and 41, currently in fourth place. They are 12.5 games back in the American League Central Division, leading things off at third base. Louisa RISE, Adding second in center field. Byron Buxton, Trevor Lar net is the left fielder batting third, batting fourth, the designated hitter Nelson Cruz. Max Kepler's in right field, hitting fifth, batting sixth at second base. Jorge Polanco. Alex Karloff is the first baseman hitting seventh, batting eighth and catching Ryan Jeffers and Andrelton Simmons will play shortstop and bat night. Jay Happ starts on the mound for the Twins tonight. Once more, It will be a rise. Buxton, Lar Nick. Cruz, Kepler, Polanco, Karloff, Jeffers and Simmons pitching. Empires tonight at home plate, Lance Barksdale. Mr Saha's at first base. Tim Wolfe visits second and Mike much. Lynskey is the third base umpire. It's the Reds and Twins coming your way shortly. We have first pitch next on the Reds radio.

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