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John spent years pushing for the to send weapons different groups in Syria. Well, visiting the country posed for photographs with a group of men he should he said should be given weapons to the man in the photograph or later as men who had kidnapped eleven Lebanese Shiite pilgrims. John Spokane spokesman said that was quote unfortunate. We're going to file this one too. Oopsy? Okay. In two thousand thirteen I'm gonna fucking butcher this name Iran's former president. John OG Medina John for three. Said he wanted to become the first Iranian to go to space. John tweeted, quote, so ach Medina John wants to be the first Iranian in space. Wasn't. He just there last week. And then he linked to a story about Iran launching a monkey into space. Oh my God. He's a maverick stop saying that an hour later. John. What what is it normally it's braced? Oh, so the guy who voted five times against MLK day might be racist. Maybe an hour later. John tweeted, quote, regarding Iran space, tweet lighten up folks, can everyone take a joke. So he's elected to a six term and his entire career. He never wanted election without massively outspending as opponents in the run up to the two thousand sixteen election. John said in an interview that the Republican Senate would never vote to see a Hillary Clinton supreme court Justice if she won. Interesting. Yes. Because of Merrick garland. Well, right, but everyone loves him, right. And two thousand fifteen while secretary of Defense, John Kerry was in the Ukraine trying to broker a peace deal. John was in congress pushing a Bill to arm the Ukrainian government against Obama's policy. So undermining the policy of the president because he wanted to and because he's black in July. Yes. In July, two thousand seventeen John learned he had an aggressive brain tumor. The Republican Senate was voting to kill Obama's healthcare plan. Oh, John flew out to cast the deciding vote. To allow debate to proceed so if he'd gone out and voted for debate not to proceed it would have ended everything right there. But what he did was he flew out and voted for debate to proceed on Boma care whether or not to kill it. He he he he he was deciding vote on whether or not they should keep debating about ObamaCare. So he could have flown out and voted to stop the debate on ObamaCare being reversed and that would have been the end of it. Right. But he didn't do that. He voted to continue the debate half maverick, which means that for a few days, everyone, America's terrified and being basically held under just complete fear that they will lose their health care. He also gave a speech about how bad the parties were and criticized Democrats were passing ObamaCare in the first place. On July twenty eighth the Republicans. Put a repeal Bill to stop parts of ObamaCare together John rolled into the Senate walked up. This is what I was thinking gave a big thumbs down killing the Bill. Liberals went crazy for this move. The maverick had done it again, liberals did not seem to notice centers Makovsky and Collins also voted no repeatedly the media was all over John the maverick again. Vox and other liberal media companies lost their minds at the greatness of John in two thousand fifteen he had voted for a Bill to gut Obamacare's Medicaid expansion. Oh, and he just voted for the Republicans previous attempt to repeal the Bill. But now he's a hero because he voted out of spite against Trump. But the media John get away with everything and September two thousand seventeen he was interviewed by a Jake tapper about North Korea Johnson, quote, if Kim Yun acts in aggressive in an aggressive fashion, the price will be extinction..

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