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Years ago commit suicide about I'm sorry. About forty five years ago commit suicide where I. Was living so not just share that with you at the end if time but meekness suicide by. Hanging. Himself in the basement but moving on back in to it was interested in all my life. I've had dreams come. True, and and? Things. Had been You know. Get by some people and. They would contact me and it was interesting two. Thousand twelve I thought it. Was, interesting I used to videos. Divorced you know like get away and nobody would find me and then one evening. I didn't realize I felt sick. And dizzy again as I did the whole. Year and I said to myself God Leo now what's. His name I if if I if I if I die then at least let me get buried is something. Decent because I had. Nothing that I, used to, but I all I had was you know whatever terrible jeez I, go through the casino nobody knew I, was there I used to go. Wherever whenever nobody knew nothing I go through the see no I'm, lying in my bed I know looking back now. That had another deadly heart attack sweat and all that I wake up. In the morning I get, ready to go back and And. As, I wake up and look. At the causes like I always did it was the brand new pair of dress. Slacks okay brand new Pera DACA. Just like my perfect size size Ford Color I can't explain that. So but let me just tell you come. Back the long branch well that's a long shorts and I tell everybody strange story and, trust me nobody. Do that was like big. About this again I've had many things happen that right month so now all of a sudden I, told my. Co workers if something happens to me listen new. Guys that's strange with these bands you know. The next day I actually collapsed in the street and and and hit my..

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