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It's great to have you on how are you i'm good jim how are you today nick i'm doing great it's great to visit with you may i ask you about your team in vegas for the summer league if i start right there what do you make nick of what you've seen from your guys and what kind of conclusions are information can you ultimately take away from summer league play well we we got a couple of things going on jim i mean we got a rotation guys ogsm nobu who's a starter for us and you know we're just trying to give him a lot of touches and expand his game a little bit offensively he was pretty much a spot up three point shooter you know he kinda kinda hangs out and waits for roseman lowery and those guys to kick out to him and he did a really good job he's kind of a defensive specialist but just trying to expand his game a little bit off the bounce in the low post a little bit and then just you know just decision making so that's one of our primary things and then we got two or three other guys that are kind of on the fringes one contract player in two guys that have been with us as two way players and in our in our g league team those three guys are are again fighting for a little bit more playing time or fighting to make the team or fighting to get the training camp so kind of focused on on those four players really nick nurse my gas boy nick sounds like you said right in you know it's been a little less than a month since your name the head coach of the raptors cut ask what were your first few weeks in charge like well it was it was pretty wild jim you know to be honest you can't you can't really explain it like this the amount of people that are contacting you know a lot of wishing you well it's it's really nice and then there's a whole fleet of people you know obviously trying to get on the staff or recommend people for the staff etc and obviously a lot of media to do at the beginning it's just a it's just a pretty pretty big whirlwind but but man it's fun you know it's it's obviously different this time of year as an assistant you're kind of chill and hanging out a little bit and when you're the head coach or a new head coach you got a lot on your plate you got a lot of people talk to nick rose talking about that might be one seat over but that one seat is moving at one seat over might as well be a million miles i mean you mentioned being an assistant even though you're an assistant with the raptors for five years and messiah jerry go you to go way way back he didn't immediately name you the head coach after the team parted ways with dwayne casey some curious what was the interview process like and was there any part of your thinking guys i mean you've known me for five years what else do you need to know well jimmy no i kinda thought i was going to have a really good chance to be a head coach this year i was talking to some other teams and had interviewed with a couple of teams and was maybe planning interview with a couple more until until things shake out in toronto the way they did i just didn't expect it to be in toronto to be honest and when it happened you know they said hey we want to talk to you and and you know they kinda interviewed me early on like like like i you know so then they had a process of getting through some other people and it did take a long time and and i was getting a lot of calls and tax about oh it must be so frustrating four year degree waiting and it didn't it didn't really bother me that much jimmy kind of it kind of made me feel like i was back in the g league of the d league people kept saying well how can you can't get a call up to the nba and i was like i don't know but i'm i'm have fun doing what i'm doing i'm sure learning alarm and and the chips fall where they may.

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