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The warwick schools in ansi veterans junior high school is closed today only vets in the city of warwick you don't have official word on the reason but this does follow and angry school committee meeting last night in a noconfidence vote in school superintendent in school committee chair the union the teachers' union staged a sick at last week had pilgrim high school they're upset snared years three of a new oh contract to their so again no school in warwick kathy veterans junior high school only let much more coming up timothy purity's tempt six thirty one of his native angry meetings around the state up the bergville that hundreds attend a public hearing there was some of the state's citing as the group decided county going to decide whether that controversial power plant could be built in burrillville there's a a sense of knin nimby as that happens to be very emotional nimby ism for this particular project but things got to go somewhere and now this is just classic not my back yeltsin's michel sabbah tony president wrote out and building construction trades council among the many opposed their former governor governor chafee says the state should pursue high strove howard instead of fossil fuels meantime debate continues if the state house the pond socks in their plans to move to downtown pawtucket to believe pierced as the roy as the house finance committee members had questions on the potential pawsox deal including what maintenance of the new stadium when cost in what would happen to the old mccoy stadium mayor gang grubby and had some ideas for a new use at the property we talked about consolidation using it as a highschool as governmental center which could potentially keep some of the building there all the bill that they're all the pass will still have to go through a public process to do all that panelists also explained that the pawsox would foot the majority of the bill for the eighty three million dollar stadium seeing it would cost the state less and bring in more economic development than a renovated mccoy at the state house tessa roy wpro california's wine country now jeff toll at least fifteen many more reported missing their correspondent omar immad nasr is the latest those terrible wildfires in santa rosa more than ninety thousand customers were without power in california the majority of those in the.

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