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And that's good park everybody's concern you gotta compete for a job how do you explain to the freshman that they have to darken the classroom this is a conversation kirk for the first here in the in our first meeting we talk about why your ear and you know it and and that's not necessarily the first thing you have to explain to acute gang colin line harbor the other thing we do is we have an academic meeting with him but first the first day they're here and we have an orientation where they have to go through seven eight who served orientation to the campus and all of that put you in good shape for their first year let's blitz pre view the game this week and you're headed to meet stadium in kingston rhode island for that game against the university of rhode island looking back at the history here you lead that series games against to rhode island three three games to zero i know you've been reviewing the tape from ah nineteen 23 when you guys first played at harvard stadium who won that game thirty five to not they gave us a preview that game and just to talk a bit about who james to be shaping up bureaus formidable opponent the this season that being princeton you both were at the top of the ivy league pole well to the first point uh university rhode island there is a good football team and i tell you that you know they're owing two but you know we had a chance to get as much information as we can from the first game they cook an fbi school two three overtime compa probably should have won that game if the kitchen's truck you'll go became make leg went on to put fifty five points against kansas in a big twelve the following week much improved pain bigger budget year starters on their team their top athletics and obviously an individual one scholarship football team so uh we'll have a handful you know world work in progress we haven't quite a game we got a lot of new faces so be very difficult for us especially on the road are you are you in speaking terms with corneau's football tina who did they steal the.

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