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I'm sorry didn't through wife say at one point that counting anything his look done so i'm in yeah but then the the viewers the people that really matter the show they like economic thing games scoop not wife scoop yacht yoga kenton for fruit for you since you were kind enough to send me this i'll use this this one time and then the new year 2018 of recollect counting on what we can see how we appeal yet and we set up a new counter kansas for this you know about the area yeah let's bring up the counter cam the reds pressing cookout ohga kids and also gives us our twenty questions suggestion this week let the the questioning okay does your character wear a hat does your character where damon lead union stirling who's you always look at the hands question and then i'm going to say i'm gonna say it suffers all can't your question uh i'm going to say yes but it might be controversial what are you have to ask the functional hack questioned now i don't wanna get out of the letter might be controversial rules that makes me think of one immediate thing but i don't wanna is it canton toe that was exactly what i thought yeah because it would be controversial because italy has a hat in the world the hand ahead but some people don't want to believe that there's some there's some mixed cannon about whether the toad is whether is the mushroom part of his head or is it a hat yet euro vascular system insider carrying blood throughout his eric mushin' had let's move on.

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