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Bush, Ryan, George Clooney discussed on Norm Macdonald Live


Talking about movies will memorize uh you know vets from a gut godfather of for last will struggle and doomed each other in it's very funny we don't do it he put the jokes in it for bush was fun he is it is fun to do it is everywhere tiger lear about how the dear day or not before your day actually 'cause you're young man there were older their the actors who nowadays would probably be character actors were stars right humphrey bogart edward you robinson change tag new john wayne outlandish voice says nehad larger than life larger than life yet easy each easy to impersonate easier because today um it's harder because the actress today or not as exaggerated ryan and you've got george clooney and you've got todd matt damon dry and brad pitt i mean how would you imitate brad yet would know where to be hank later on side rather to angeli jalayta to tell you the truth but for for me a light end up jumping my only era uh but brad pitt would be hard to do they are to do what about the first day is and how is he will i don't really know the history you're in your twining's right you move to los angeles california right i came down to do the garden show in my rambler i drove down a ramp to her six days is that sunsets distract burdensome route sixty six they're probably had yeah wildest was nineteen sixty four are rambler geraldo odd terry at a los angeles california yep yep by little green card nasa i came down to do the garland shola never went back.

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