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R. on real Salada there you go they burn out I've been buying tools there since the seventies they've been there a long time and you've never told me about this well I didn't I didn't I didn't know you were hot air freighting your socket wrenches and why I think people would be surprised how little we as a family communicate we're all got our head in our jobs and sometimes we I think we get D. together once a week and that's a lot to download we like to go congratulate Scott still solar with a news partner Rosie on the house you can find him at the solar category if you're interested in going solar looking at solar for your home it's a great great company they've been in business ten years and they travel I I it's it's one of those funny things always wonder why somebody name their business after a town it makes a lot of customers think well they only work in that town but but they they travel in in fact they they will go anywhere in the state of Arizona they travel so well so if you're looking for solar mera great option for you along with all the other solar partners at Rosie on the house congradulations welcome to the network with whenever we bring somebody on the network we don't bring them on with the intention of it being any kind of short term we look for lifetime partners would like the fact that we know the guys by first name that we've got a relationship with them that their issue arises we know who to call we can get to the owner right away no we also have our tow we all trip and fall we had a fire out each situation this week somebody called set up our how do I file a complaint and by the end of the day there was a testimonial letter about how great the company was and you know if she was within a couple hour turn around and you know what ties you just go to your daily motion you didn't know or realize there's a problem or realize it somebody interpret something wrong and no you just have to have that communication and none of our guys are out there to do anything unscrupulous the wrong way they're all in it for the long haul as well we all live in Arizona all want to make it a better place and another great the other great contractor for homeowners if you're looking for solar Scott still so yeah we're we're relationship network really you know we were there we answer the phones you will get a recording we work really hard to make sure that everyone on the team is on yes they are very rare though for someone to get the message machine and a well the other thing about the longevity roll me is when there's any kind of warranty work you can be sure that your company that you started with your bill to finish within the building follow through that is one of the hard things when you get somebody that calls habilis you guys forever I just started up electrical business how do I get on might call the waiting list and when you're been in business five years give me a call back that all me speaking of our partners I've had several of our partners Collins a rosy is there anything you can do to help us recruit more great employees of what one of our partners in particular from Prescott Tom Riley it renovations he's looking for several positions to be filled and so I would tell all of you there in the trades that listen and I know there are a bunch of shoe that listen if you want to upgrade your career go to rose on the house dot com look under the certified partners and find someone in your trade you'll be you'll be going to apply for virtually one of the best of the best in that arena and we know that virtually every Rosie partner right now is still looking to hire good people Tom Riley in particular if you're if Europe superintendent down the valley the sun you're tired of cook at all summer long he needs a lead carpenter in Prescott if you've if you've been dreaming about trying to move out of the valley in the heat for the summer for the year thank press gets got that year round environment is just perfect and he's also looking for an estimate but I'm looking for an estimator too like I say we all a rose on the house as successful service providers are probably hiring if you're in the trades and you're looking to up your game if you're looking to up the caliber of person you're working for go to our website and knock on the door and say Rosie told me to call you there will be a time I foresee that they figure out how to do it with tax employees wages and employment that it doesn't hurt the individual our end and complements the company because there is a.

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