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In the Capitol Hill Riot 52 year old Audrey Southward, was arrested by federal agents and faces nine counts. Including assaulting a police officer during the chaos, the court document says. The U. S Capitol police sergeant told the FBI Southern press the flagpole against his chest and pushed him through a set of doors leading onto the House floor. The sergeant says he hit his head on the base of the statue and felt like he was being trampled during the ordeal. News Channel eight's Justin Checker says investigators found numerous social media posts. And surveillance video that places southward at the scene of the riot. She was recorded making threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Tampa man's pleading guilty to being part of the capital insurrection. 38 year old Paul Hodgkin's is charged with obstructing the official certification of the election by Congress. He's agreed to pay $2000 for the damage he caused. He made a mistake. He followed the crowd. He at the moment didn't exercise good judgment. And guess what? What a terrible price. He's gonna pay now. The rest of his life. He's gonna wear scarlet letter Attorney Patrick LaDuke is representing Hodgkin's, he could face more than a year in prison. More details coming out about the death of a suspect in an apparent home invasion in Sarasota. Sheriff's deputies say the homeowner shot Aaron Picture and self defense as he tried to break into a house in the 4100 block of 47th Street when he called 911 that there were a couple of attempts, maybe at a door or window. It wasn't just somebody may be knocking at the door like it was more involved.

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