John Chambers discussed on Channel 33 - 'The Big Picture' - Matt Reeves Puts Humanity in The Planet of the Apes (Ep. 330)


You know those weren't emotional movies there were really fascinating movies in they were suspenseful like what's going on and they were there was something very eerie and dynamic about seeing these these talking apes in that amazing john chambers makeup but they weren't emotional stories these are emotional stories and and you know caesars character when i saw a rise the thing that i really responded to as it was the first time i'd had that level of emotional identification with a cg character and i think that that is what is continually surprising to people when they see these movies is they're going to they know they're going to go see these apes that are acting in ways that remind us of ourselves and that's also the sub i mean look the whole idea planet of the apes and what we're doing is not that we're seeing what the apes are like we're seeing what we are like as reflected in these airships and and so the fact that the stores are very emotional i think has always been the thing that people take away in war there's a huge focus on the apes stories essentially told through seizures is yeah that's what i want a lot i'm with them yes i mean i i felt that sat out when i came in on dawn the story that they had didn't have as central as he ended up being and on that was my that was part of my pitch and i wanted to start in the world that the apes had created i wanted to be like you know two thousand one with the dawn of man i wanted to be the dawn of intelligent apes and just doing the visual effects alone that's very highwire act because those effects are so expensive and the character who you're gonna be following the reverie seen there's not unlike dawn there's not a scene in this movie that doesn't have a.

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