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Did it five ten and wanting? And he is looking to be. The shortest quarterback. Taken in the first round of the NFL draft. Since nineteen fifty three. Wayne tech Marchibroda. Was the fifth overall pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, Ted Marchibroda I would fake pretty much everyday recognizes his name and associates him with being a head coach in the NFL, but Ted Marchibroda played four years. In the NFL. Three with the Steelers won with. What was then the Chicago cardinals? And he made eleven starts. He was four and seven were they forty four and a half percent completion percentage. Fifteen touchdowns and twenty nine interceptions. I feel very confident. That Keiler Murray would have better statistics. Then Ted Marchibroda. Because he's probably way more athletic and better and be because well, the NFL's changed just a little bit since one thousand nine hundred fifty three. They actually throw passes that are designed to be caught by your team as opposed to. Yeah. Just throw it up. We'll see what.

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