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But eventually the booze ran out and the party die down junior started asking when i was going to let them out and i said well i can't let you out here you freeze to death so when we get down to sacramento. We'll let you out near the airport. And then we'll get back on the freeway get lost in the traffic and so forth and so he was okay with that of course. They weren't actually going sacramento. That was just a preview of the grand scheme. Snatching sinatra listen to the rest of the series on apple podcasts amazon music or binge all the episodes by subscribing to one degree plus in apple podcasts or the wondering app. Hey i'm mike corey the host of wondering show against the odds in our next season. I'm telling an amazing true story about american sailors who wreck their ship off the coast of africa in eighteen fifteen. They're captured by a nomadic tribe to escape. They will need to cross the largest hot desert in the world to reach civilization. They will battle against blistering heat. Inhumane conditions hunger and thirst their heroic fight to get home. We'll have a much greater impact than just on their own lives. It will influence a future president and change the course of american history in ways. That are still felt today. This is the true story of the men who made it. And it's one that you don't wanna miss. Subscribe to against the odds on apple podcasts. Amazon music the wondering app or wherever. You're listening right now..

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