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Of the speech meanwhile you now that's why the book is called about and always the rebel because he is the man against the establishment i he said that the only problem with the speeches that we should have turned it around and just the tip a swell of the platform beating the washington establishment know donald trump was elected by average americans uh in part to take on the establish interesting loshchinin uh that's what to speak was about and those were the people who would be threatened by the by the trump uh presidency and they needed to get the message owlry you know that's what bannon is doing now uh with his uh uh you know going around the country including new certain candidates is trying to let the washington establishment though that they don't have on our i don't think he needed to turn the podium around i think they guy yeah did the way they did to tell tailsbetweenthelegs they all kind of juice longterm the a word i guess it is your this he's got some plans to make the gop the working party again of borodino party of workers that will attract minority voters and become the dominant political force uh in the 20th century share some of those plans with us sure it i think percent resonated especially in a city like the choi you know um you know what bannon thank the fat uh the the country has moved too far away from an emphasis on average working american middle class working class you know uh he want he told me and i go into more of the ball said she wanted to make in the republican party be working the party of the working class which is what the democrats used to be uh now you know as as fetching the uh sort of in your introduction the the democratic party is the party of snowflakes flake the party of sort of special interests and and and all sorts of trigger epo and ten groups and it's so much focus on average working americanflagged so you know five from in out there uh what they wanted to deal with use is change things quite like some of these trade agreements especially the multilateral one t think could be sending jobs overseas and uh yeah uh helping other countries that the expense of american workers and also decreasing the amount of immigration into the.

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