Rhett Clancy, CNN, President Trump discussed on Battle Lines


To year rhett clancy all exactly right uh let's see what let me share this with you a real fast and only your commenting on at this is from a cnn's up legal analyst doll paul callan he's got a long history of being very critical of trump but i think he surprised a few folks recently when he came out with this commentary on cnn newsroom with poppy harlow a derrick let's share with everybody clip five if you believe originally on i was angered at the president's attacks on the fbi a thought there were unjustified but when i started to delve into the fast for there's some really disturbing stuff here this agent is aiming struck he's exchanging text messages with his girlfriend lisa page which just trash the president the two of them agreed that he the president is a threat or would be a threat to the country if elected now he's in a central role in the hillary email investigation struck was the person who went to james call me just before comey had that famous press conference where he kind of let hill owlry off the hook in struck was the guy who changed the language which originally was that she was grossly negligent in her handling of classified material and he softened it to say extremely careless which is not criminal this is the same guy who the inspector general now has exchanging these emails showing did he has a personal bias against the president i think it's legitimately to look at the bias of the invest now i guess trope i'll be happy to learn paul callan has not yet been fired by cnn but with your take on this yeah the wide range of ways in which uh people are trying to delegitimise the real an investigation is is very worrisome media but there's not hang up that's not him that's a narrative having to do with the all other argument we're looking at somebody who's referencing specifics as grounds for saying a there's legitimate coal iron that certain part of a part of a broad set of attack on the fbi part of okay making celebrated with this guy belongs to no team in.

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