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It's a tough situation i'll say are they going to draft a high level wide receiver when the schedule comes out if you know if quincy's back if robbie egner since there and they bring josh mccown back when the schedule comes out if they've got you know they open up the season with the browns and someone else i would have no problem taking him as my kind of streaming quarterback based on this whole overheated weeks yeah and then i'll know them on a pivot as you know when he goes out in kamikazes his helmet into ten other men matt ryan is best to fantasy weeks were weeks one in seventeen it was only a quarterback one four times as though they call that a third sandwich in but here's the out it'll of the sandwich was devin who theme why why are you bring a doug martin into this he was a cornerback one four times he was a quarterback won twelve times in 2016 sell you would say that is one third is many times and that means he returned value for 00 percent of those that drafted him us here matt ryan his fantasy reality is somewhere between those two years wouldn't you agree yes but i think it's closer to what we saw last year is that what we saw two years ago because over the course of a very long career we know who matt ryan is he was an outlet i felt really stupid week one of this past year 'cause i was mr antigrass ryan's and saying this is not who he is usually what happened i did a turned it off after that i never watched one of the game and finn that in a hand on gums and he's like great and it was i go i told everybody is gonna stink uh i mean to be fair i i think it's more close to the middle this was his worst year passing yardage and passing touchdowns since.

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