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Always. Brian anthony davis. What's up brian. How are you tonight. What is up my friends. Oh gosh we're we're we're knee deep into it aren't we. Sounds like you're having a party over there. Oh there's my my daughter likes to host and there's a. There's a sleepover going on that. That which i just found out about so it's like hey you know what i gotta show so. You'll be fine. You'll be if a pillow. Fate fight breaks out in the background. You know i'm sorry. I just grab a pillow. Unfortunately join in days go field. The editor behind the curtain dot com up. Dave is virtual pillow fight. Really thing that would be. That'd be. I'm sure we can. We can we can travel. We could do a bt. Se pillow fight. You doing what redford week. One of the preseason before we get certain time about the steelers news. I wore this shirt on purpose and he. Those are live on youtube. See it's a classic pittsburgh penguins shirt. And that's an honor of mr mike lang. Who decided to retire. I know this is not a penguin show. But i'm a pittsburgh fan. That's what i tell people. When they asked me audio the steelers pittsburgh pirates was dealers. Guys gotta ask you real quick. What's your favorite. Mike lang saying after a goal brian will serve at the. I don't know if i have one. I mean proba- probably probably bingo game. Get in the fast lane grant either. That's right that's a. That's a good one well. Is there any call that stands out in your mind. Is there a specific game specific. Call that sticks out for you at all. I mean he did it for a long time. You know what actually there is. It was back in about ninety one when they were going for the first cup and he did a few of them. And i don't know whether it was kenny. Mayne or who it was on. Espn do the highlights. And they just played mike lang by salmon. Drink get his dog. One do like okay and then they do the next like i don't know what he's saying but it sounds pretty good interesting all these ridiculous things and they're just like making fun of them. I think they were making fun with him. Because you really couldn't make fun of him but calling a game you take all that stuff out of it hauling the game. He's fantastic to without that stuff. But that that's pittsburgh and that's what makes pittsburgh radio in pittsburgh sports. Great i go way. Back to lenny for terry with no doubt about it before you were even born jeff before. Yeah but i mean when he first came on was like nineteen seventy nine and that season. And i remember when i was young but that that was the greatest thing and then of course when i realized who myron was in the glory of myron and way back. I didn't experienced bob prints but all those guys. Mike lang is an absolute legend great voice. I just got scared. Because everybody's saying all these. Mike lang things on twitter. And i'm like oh no did he die. It's just like the first thing that goes into my but no. I mean absolutely thrilling. Like what he said about the team coming in with a gets off in and the old two niner you guys are in good shape with with them but now i mean it's not going to be the same just like losing touch. It's not going to be the same. It's still going to be good. They're gonna find their own magic to david by a you're a penguins fan and you watch the games. We'll do you remember any mike. Line calls of stand standout. I have to admit. I actually listened to more games that i watched just because during the regular season if i know a penguins games on i use my my my little app on my phone that tells me all the stations that play the steelers and i use it for the penguins so i listened to mike lang. You didn't do that many games this year. But i may try listen when he was absolutely love. My favorite. I would have to say although i said you know call me slick from turtle creek was what i put on your your twitter today but actually it's michael michael motorcycle that's got to be the best one but the most legendary one was back when brian was talking about it. When that one of those first cup runs was that you had to be here to believe it that moment. That was the one. That's the one that you'll you know everyone should remember. If you here mike lang it should be that call on that game. Supposedly as on twitter that he was asked what his favor call was. And i think it was the ninety one stanley cup because ninety one they'd be ninety two. I think they beat the blackhawks in the finals. And it was a great play. It was right off. A faceoff when francis wins it. Back larry murphy murphy with like the shot pass off the pad to lemieux and he has that great. Call save made rebound. Maria's guards new place just erupted. That was that was the one you know. It's always the save rebound score central brain call and then just there. Hey flat me silly sydney. I mean all these things that he did not run game. That crosby came back He was out for a really long time play against the islanders and he scored on a breakaway. And it was just. It gave you chills and the call was perfect. And oh my gosh. So congratulations to a great career. Who do you do. You compare mike lang to bill. Hillgrove or determined admiring kobe. Bryant would even. I don't compare had to the comparison. 'cause they have the sayings and they have the personality lake to me. It's more myron than bill. It would have to be myron because bill is a bill maher straightforward i mean. I'll never forget steeler maniac. Hey this plays those steeler maniac. He gets fired up and fun but he doesn't try to be he. He doesn't try to have catchphrases. He invents his own without trying has true david anything that i mean. It's he does play by play so it's kind of hard to compare them to myron because myron was the color commentary. You know what i'm saying. But i do understand what you mean by the kind of double yours and things like that. You always remember the various things they would say ma. So i get the very cranium. Iran code bonn's ords. But this. When when i'm mike lang no people forget that. His color commentary staggie eventually took over on the tv side during the play by play. It reminded me a major league when stagging would just chime in every now and then and that's when he took over as player like who's taken over a bike lines radio anyways all right. Let's talk about some steelers. we're gonna be previewing. The upcoming game against the philadelphia eagles jersey. And that's why we're on the air this tuesday and we're back with game and so there's a lot of news to talk about before we get to the actual game this thursday night and i want to get through everything there's been i mean my gosh. They might as well just call pittsburgh. The rumor mill. everything is just seemingly a rumor in. It's a hot take whether it's dj watts. Contract or joe haden which isn't a room. Earning more that was that was verified by his agent that he wants an extension. Kevin dotson an ongoing saga. That is his quest to get back to the first team and then james washington wanting a trade. He didn't wanna trade guys. What the heck is going on with pittsburgh in all these rumors. Is it just fans that are warning any type of news or there's some legitimacy to this stuff bryan anything hashtag gossip. Girls gone wild. That's seems like anything of wild like like gossip. Gossip girls in girls gone wild. I mean just like. I mean i mean. Dave had those videos back in the day on. Vhs girls gone wild talk.

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