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Absolutely and he um you know like all of us took very a political positions um so i think there were there are huge worries that the decisions being made now with regard to personnel with re with regard to whether the us is even in the diplomatic game at all are going to have longterm ramifications it's really interesting right to see how from the get go it it appears that they decided that the career bureaucracy at the state department and elsewhere we're now seeing that even with the fbi but this idea that it was politicized and then somehow it was riddled with democrats now i know you well you is probably the only person who worked closely with dick cheney and hillary clinton uh so and i actually long and i and i enjoyed and learn from from from each of them as a strange is at may sound to to folk on one side or the other of because both of them believed in their country and both of them wanted a stronger america and both of them believed in working with the career service and the career bureaucracy to achieve their goals see now the haters on each side will find something trajectory mattiello they're the democrats who are skeptical of hillary clinton say see issues in near conscious like dick cheney and vice versa i suppose there's also critic where i take pride in the fact that for a long time nobody nobody knew my my personal political views i'm going to keep it that way but what you know what what made it possible to work with folks was it was about a stronger america out there in the world for both of them you might not have always agreed with the choices that they made or the positions that they took it was our job to try to give them good options or to stand outside if we didn't didn't agree but um.

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