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All right. Here's Boehner candidate number three. I'm just playing Joe Connell grandpa. Wisconsin teen has injected cow tranquilizers into his Grandpa's energy drinks attempt to be funny. It's not funny. A criminal complaint. The victim was left stumbling and suffering slurred speech and a droopy face and heavy breathing. You could've killed him. You'll jerk dot. Doctors concluded the symptoms were because of stress lack of sleep and the victims consumption of energy drinks, but when the some symptoms returned the grandpa concluded ray-ban horse Malone. That's the kid's name Tyler raven horse Malone was messing with him. Stop leaving his drinks unattended soon after the symptoms disappeared. The victim told police he found two syringes shoved into a corner of the barn. Furthering his suspicion after supplying samples to the local sheriff, Wisconsin state crime laboratory tests, found traces of Zaylon the Senate in for large livestock, and one of the drinks syringes tested positive for the drug to in this fashion. Tyler raven horse Malone said areas, why didn't mean to hurt him? I just thought it'd be funny to see him. Is that hardened criminal? How old is he ex ninety six dot com slash live. Young team that says he's a team. He's just a kid, isn't it? Joke on old grandpa. Seventeen Boehner candidate number three. Let's review the first two N boat voter candidate number one. It was unsportsmanlike. Sportsmanlike ruckus after the Utah state game. But the fans were at fault unacceptable, expletive Laden shouting match after the Utah state Nevada game. But the conference says it wasn't the fans it was staff members Boehner candidate number two congressman king edit again, Steve king, promoting a white nationalist and Boehner candidate number three. I was just playing a joke on old grandpa. All right here, we go. This is round two of your Boehner voting..

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