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To stay home saving lives starts with you big boys able to give the going down man one of the highlights you guys man no we've been on this your life has changed kind of thing you don't stand by we went to twenty twenty twenty twenty vision twenty twenty is our year is there will be our year but we do use it you know we we we got you know we we get not a robot but we said you know what our signal on it and try to divert something that's going on right now I mean we never thought we could run a virus or anything that we will be right here where we are today man so we're just talking about it in the neighborhood I talk about with my wife I was like that as a man I'll I'll go anywhere that I used to trip off and I wanted to speak to you as well man I'll never complain about blank again bring glory and Gloria Gloria all a good good morning to you Gloria all right you know Gloria I'll never lane about blank again I will never complain about going to a thrift stores with my mom ever again really does some good mom would be like let's let's go head to to restore my mom we are early bird if I don't call her she will call me and she will tell me how do you want to go so you're going to restore or get up we're going somewhere in the first place that we hit big boy did they respond I heard dad so he he we got cleared and we you were like man you know what I would go to that three so you never complain about that again I would never complain because I know if I tell you let's go after that we will go to Knott's berry farm because I know she loves that as well.

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