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Bone steak for just 6 99 per pound in the value pack Safeway. It's just better traffic and weather on the AIDS to Jo Conway in the W T o P Traffic Center, starting off Virginia. Mike, we're already into Laser 95 going south across the Arctic one. Then between triangle in Fredericksburg, along the way, found a crashing camera South Bend any five south of 6 10 Garrison burrowed right now, Only this single file left squeezes by Apparently a couple of the separate incidents involved there We've got we had some activity in the center lane. Everything's been consolidated to the right side. But the fire truck is still blocking. The two right lays a single file It gets by 95 south bound south of 16 Garrison, who rode in the existing delay heading south toward Fredericksburg. The north and triple slow at a Fredericksburg and stretches toward a quiet then again from Dale City toward Newington. By the way, the EZ Pass things Run South. I 66 eastbound crashed through the building on the right shoulder. Farther east on 66 slow out of rosin to the work at the Roosevelt Bridge along the right. Both groups of the Beltway or slow through Alexandria ended up slows coming out of Tyson's going north into Maryland. That's continues on up toward the 2 70 spur. In fact, where there's roadworks on this bird north bound After the belly but before democracy Boulevard, blocking the right lane staying in Maryland, finding delays in separate stretches on the adult loop through silver Spring and on both moves to the Beltway and in pockets through Prince George's County. Nothing organized. Therefore you had the slowdown on 95 both ways between 32 2 16. That's a rest area delay If you're 15 north. After Jefferson Street, You're crashes along the right, causing an unusual backup district. Very heavy and slow in several stretches of highway travel will start up on 3 95 North bound your crash on the case. Bridges only a single lane getting by major delays out of Virginia on 6 25 West. The crash after Eighth Street southeast has been cleared lanes are once again available, but continuing slow on 6 25. Under 3 95 south toward Virginia. The earlier official movement complicated matters on to 95 going South, Slow off the 11 Street bridge toward the work. Do the Suitland Parkway with only a single lane getting by on 2 95 North bound jam from the 11 Street bridge most of the way, too, and through the works in between Benning Road and Burrows Avenue, with only a single lane getting by brought to you by BMW of Rockville. Are you considering a BMW will check out the BMW of Rockville Sales and service complex. Had 14 50 Rockville Pike. You won't be disappointed. BMW Rockfield calm. I'm Jo Conway. Wtlv traffic Now the storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. We've got some clouds today. With some sunshine here in there. It's warm temperatures are going to top out right.

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