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Gene five of all things packers he is packers hall of famer larry mccarron i chatted with the rock a short time ago you know you on several teams that at times larry great players but they struggled a little bit to win hotel fizzer plenty are her people don't trust rare i don't think any pretty overhead iran struggling to win the hear bad way people looked at my everybody go ahead mary with that kind of is the backdrop how tough as it in a locker room when a team is struggling or are deal however i think when you have a team that used to success who's a couple ways to look at it one they know things can turn around because they have in the past two they're used to win and they're used to everybody be unhappy all the time sort of it's kind of a little bit of a dilemma uh as to which side of the fence which side of that fence you want to be an but uh this team i really think as long as hits in the morning as long as there's a chance i think it's doing okay in the lockerroom now certainly they'd rather be winning but as long as her in the hunt which they are i think they're okay and i don't think it hurts at all that they see aaron rodgers working out and when you see him workout and you see him towers no i know many of your listeners did on sunday night when you see that you get encourage like hey there's a there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we just got to get on the rainbow and uh so i think as long as the packers are in the hunt they i think it it it prevents that old poor also in this season was done and we have no hope larry want to ask you about aaron rodgers so aaron rodgers doesn't do anything without seeking about it he's very thoughtful he does everything with.

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