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To the plate. And it's low with another slider wanted to. Torino's is interesting and a lot of ways you can understand why the raise used him as a. Almost like a piggyback starter or sometimes as in in the mix with their openers where he'll follow somebody who starts the game. Because he's got three pitches. But he's he's really a to pitch pitcher. Wanted to he throws Kratz pokes one right centerfield care Meyer hustling, and he's not gonna get two drops basic their practice. I hit with the giants or one out single very defensive swing, but he'll take it. Giants have their first base runner the day. Be Torino's literally to right Anders. It's fastball slider two left. It's fastball splitter, that's it. And he never mixes matches that off-speed stuff. So for each individual hitter. It's just a to pitch approach. Kratz Zabel to get the barrel of the bat on the ball there for the first giants hit a game. Now pomeranz. We'll see if he's Bunning. He is not showing bunny slashes at the first one and hits screamer foul off to the right. On the cow. Raise one giants. Nothing. The strategy can always change for the pitcher up there. Hitched to pitch count to count. Cure Meyer comes way in and shades toward right-center field. The right fielder Garcia is also way in in right against Pomeranz who now squares bought polls the bad back and takes fastball right down the middle for strike too. Well, if you're gonna but that that would be a pitch where you probably would try.

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