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Whole packers, full racks, legs, and size in shifting butts. You've never heard this before you might think you found the best triple X. show ever. Let's get back to the most homo erotic host out there today Greg. Hey welcome back. This portion is being brought to you by Smithfield. Throughout this season of grilling and barbecue, you can head over to Smithfield DOT COM for recipes and tips tricks from World Champ pitmasters like Chris Lilley. Darren War Ernest savante child's CRIDLAND. With mouth watering flavor and no artificial ingredients smithfield fresh pork. Some of the best pork money can buy trusted by world champion Pitmasters, competitions, and at home also. Brought to you by the smoke sheet, a weekly newsletter that's free and keeps you in the know on everything happening in the barbecue including top news events recipes, and more had an over to bbq news letter dot Com. Again, that's a bbq newsletter dot com a great all in one resource covering be live fire industry. Right about that Anthony Luhan is son AJ AJ's competitive cookies fifteen. He's got seven under the belt and he is headed to Vegas this coming weekend to get after. Searching for that, golden ticket. And as Anthony said, he's also searching for his building tick. Who Do you bet on? If Anthony. Gets the golden ticket, and AJ. It's a golden ticket and they have to compete at each against each other at the. World Championships in Fort Worth. Who Votes for who? Who wants to see who would? At the National Championship. As big time. Let's see how it plays out all the way back in the first hour and some of the second hour meathead from amazing ribs. That's DOT COM origin story. Tremendous. Unbelievable. If you missed it if you're just tuning in podcast will be up. And about an hour from now. For the first hour second hour on Thursday we have a new best coming up on Friday as well. Absorbed one, hundred, forty six you have to be subscribed for podcasts for that. So I appreciate me had just laying it out like that. Totally those words. And then closing it out AJ luhan coming on fifteen years old. Having success on be competition state trail right now following the. S O P sheet. That anthony made for him. Is that That is being a lot of success and his Anthony said I was Gonna ask what you follow that she anthony. Kid. Is following the sheet and winning. The man is not. He is not. Are Not following that she. Anyway good luck to those guys as they had the Las Vegas be safe and good luck you need. Show Karma Patches. Next week Steven Reich Lynn's origin story and Robin. Lindores origin story. And we'll see what else is on tap. We'll see also if I have a cat. was, decided to Piss. In. The kitchen I'll be dressing that here about three minutes. September eleventh two, thousand and one. I will never forget until next Tuesday at nine PM Eastern Mr Program host, and produce American Greg. Good, die, Tau..

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