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Roberts thanks bye. Bleacher tweets already buster bleacher tweets for thursday. First up we got michael. Calmac at 'em kelham forty four. Michael writes in. You mentioned something about little league. Participation in all star games that got me wondering. When did everyone plays start. The games might use the starting pitcher. When three innings usually in the position players got three or four at bats. When did this change. I think in the nineties. You remember that The all star game. That was declared a tie. That was in milwaukee The managers ran out of pitchers because they were working to get. Everyone ended the game. So when the score was tied with that debacle they had. They had to. Just call it at that point. I can tell you this silly like meeting with the managers before the all game. The other day with kevin cash in with dave roberts may have it all scripted out. They have an idea when they're going to use all these guys. Who saw dave roberts. The other day bringing zack wheeler faced one batter because he wanted to get him in all star parents. I really wish that they would In concert with the players association go to the managers and make the all star game about the stars and tell the managers look within reason. Try to manage the win the game if we can play my transfer for you know seven or eight innings or we can play in a shohei ohtani d. h. For seven or eight innings. Do that because that's who want to say absolutely and we have all this talk about whether these guys are playing or not. I think just the fact that they are all stars early. Does it for them in the end. So let's go to john. Joe at gitai joe eighty seven jaw rates in true false in the al. The red sox have been the most consistent team but when everyone is at their best. The rays are better I don't now. I don't necessarily believe that. The red sox offense clearly better than tampa bay's offense And i think the red sox penn has a chance and pitchy staff have a chance to be better in x factor in the second. Half for tyler glass now in speaking with kevin cash the other day. They don't really know exactly what they're going to get out of him know if the comes back and he can be a starting pitcher. They'll take that if he can come back and be a you know a blowout to winning guy you'll take that as well but these got that elbow issue that isn't gonna go away. Let's go to triple crown. Colorado baseball at t c s colorado. This writes in flat junior hypothetical here so flat junior takes the home run race and win the triple crown and that he's gonna slot that against shohei ohtani continuing at his pace doing know what nobody has done on both sides. Who would you take an mvp voting between those two scenarios. I would take otani and otani would win there's no question about it because what he's doing is unprecedented writers. like narratives and the baseball writers. Vote for this award would definitely look at tiny is is in. His accomplishments is something we've never seen before he would win the mvp. Let's go to mark peloquin at man of wow markets in why does buster keep saying that the red sox need relief. Pitchers bullpen has been awesome. They need starter and they need a bad perez and richards have been a roller coaster. Ride iran is still recovering. And we still have no idea what sale is going to have mark a couple of things first off since the crackdown. Let's put that day on june third. The red sox bullpen is eighth at thirty teams in our a free point. Five seven so it's not as if they are this incredible group that was two runs better than anybody else. Every contender could use relief help. And you tell 'em you turn down a guy like craig kimbrel for your bullpen crazy. The other thing too the show you can attack a rotation problem in two ways you can add a starter for sure but would you can also do is build a super bowl pet. you know. that's why the race goddess ores. They did last year in the postseason. Not only because of author rotation being good but also because the bullpen was so dave and you remember the two thousand fifteen camps city royals. They did the same thing that essentially what was a mediocre rotation but they had this light shot bullpen. If the red sox you have an opportunity to build that gulfport last one for today. Debbie gammons brown rates in. Dgb says did the players that skipped out on the all star game. Forget how much they miss the fans. In twenty twenty perhaps we can return to the cardboard cutouts in the stands to cheer them on bottom That point was made to me by playoffs. I don't think they want their name on it but they felt the same way like we. Well we talked all last year about boy. We missed the fans and then you had players make the decision to go and we get back less and social media talking about this. I'm at this point. Echoing a lot of what. I'm hearing from folks in baseball right. We're not talking about if it's not important. Everyone right hashtag tweets on twitter. Keep writing in and police follow rate interview. This podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. That's it for today. Thanks jeff. Sarah todd and taylor have a great day everybody. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and remember hate inequality based on skin color is something we'd fight against every single day. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight. Podcast if you're playing fantasy baseball check out the fantasy. Focus podcast wherever you listen to podcast the baseball tonight..

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