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And a thunderstorm into the evening hours these storms can be locally. Heavy and gusty that ends of bog developing later tonight although a sixty. Nine votes tomorrow and Thursday some sunshine. Quite warm and humid high both days eighty. Seven Friday we'll see the clouds moved back. In a shower thunderstorm in the area during the afternoon I eighty two I'm. AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Bowers. WBZ News Radio ten thirty special weather alert from the national weather service for pittsfield right now pittsfield and Plainfield in. The bullseye this hour for thunderstorms could bring torrential rains could be a problem with visibility. Also looks like Andover massing some activity as. Well you could be, seeing some torrential rain right around now here in Boston com it's seventy nine degrees Highline cruises, is simply the best way to visit the islands of Nantucket Martha's Vineyard and, Highline will get, you there and just about an hour Highline cruises at the, ocean street talking or for more info visit us online at Highline cruises dot com a. Mosquito update tonight mosquitoes have tested positive for. West Nile virus where you ask New. Bedford and Seekonk this time and the ones, in New, Bedford were at the local cemetery oak grove cemetery And. They're going to spray that this Thursday along with other parts of the city deep recently announced that. Mosquitoes tested in foul mouth barnstable Dennis born Yarmuth also came back positive so far no. Human or animal. Cases of West. Nile though found in, Massachusetts, this year coming up next we'll have the latest on the California wildfires with. Jeff Brown also New England business news a lot going on today we're gonna talk about bankruptcy and more about. Banks coming up next do you know your tax. Rate for your 401K and IRA withdrawals at retirement this is Keith l. is. Senior partner this HP. Financial with an important message for you about your 401K for three be an IRA money's once you reach the age. Of seventy and a half you'll be required by law to take withdraws and pay income. Taxes on those withdrawals right now with the..

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