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Gerry jackson real already genome are barry radio from hell next 96 rights eighty three and we continue more movies with sean means specifically the sundance and are you going to have an article a pre sundance arctic in the paper from there but artery is right there are dark two of them into print edition this morning a plus the very long list which is online all this move yesterday afternoon online and yes a hundred and ten feature film titles all announced yesterday and we're talking about the salt lake tribune of course the paper the paper paper hyper where i mean when i say the paint sl trib dot com uh the solid driven yes o one hundred ten titles uh feature films they will announce other stuff next week uh in including the new frontier which is their vr in tech stuff which is goal and the any new program they're starting up called the epa sadeq uh which has been that they've done this some in their special events last couple of years of um tv and web uh series uh and that that indy the the indy film ideas expanding to television and and was shortform episodic progress in a was making a murderer one of those um the sundance now lj made in america was all copiers now uh so us uh chelsea handler had a joe that she debuted at sundance uh downward dog on abc uh had a premier last year it's announced and few others uh but ted they're they're basically train open it up realizing that you know it the indy film aesthetic as not just in two hour blogs it's also in 20 minutes some stories take longer to tell.

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