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Yeah yeah they'll center me mr bell everyone's favourite characters like people liked rubio because he had a cool haircut and he was like skateboarding and he was like the bad ass of the group yeah like he was the one that sold the idea of never land to us as kids because it was like oh that's like a current day cool kid yeah so like okay good to see never land even though nobody grows up to keep up at the times i could relate to him as a cool kid as this guy's just like me is feathered hair just like me she's just like me after that tom dino movie jurassic park yeah with stan winston making the dinosaurs that's not all what else did he make no no no that wasn't the last movie that steven spielberg made it wasn't no he went on that very same year schindler's list was released yeah he didn't take a paycheck for that movie no money for it and he said to take that money to profit off the holocaust would be taking blood money well did you like donate the money or did he just be like no studio yeah i think some proceeds went to it but also like say like they were still charging for tickets at the theater stephen here's what i'm saying steve saying it's blood money it's one thing not to take the thing but then like everyone on the crew that like isn't a big rich guy lake money.

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