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On in boxing and now a man who i wish was called the boston leader it's sort of like getting who punched in the face i welcome back to the sl boxing podcast glad you could join me this week lot to get into in the world boxing couple of big fights coming up over the next couple of weeks all heading into deontay wilder against tyson fury that big match up on february twenty-second to break it all down and more i i welcome back keith idaho senior boxing writer over at boxing scene dot com keith what's up man a chris how're you doing i'm good man i'm good just a lot of interesting interesting stuff in boxing going on right now but it few days in boxing and in the land of mythical matchups it's been pretty interesting i guess i want to start there just just this past week we had conor mcgregor returned to the UFC reestablish himself both as a high level UFC fighter and one of the biggest draws in all of combat sports the UFC reported that mcgregor did i think roughly two million equal of two million pay per view buys with their their system a big number especially who's fighting a guy with a thirteen losses who's heavily favored to go up against but all of a sudden instead of talking about mcgregor in UFC fights were kind of pivoting back back to gregory inbox and you may wonder putting out a tweet saying or social media posts saying that he's ready to fight him in two thousand twenty two rematch manny pacquiao wants him at twenty twenty leeann now bob arum says that terence crawford is ready to fight a to fight match against a matchup against mcgregor where crawford would step into an MA eh octagon first and then mcgregor would fight him in boxing so give me your overall viewpoint of this what do you make of now all these boxers again clamoring for a shot conor mcgregor well not the type of fights were looking to see of course chris i don't have any interest in i couldn't imagine anyone else in their right mind would have any interest in seeing floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor box again there would be interest of course if floyd for some reason would be willing to fight him in a UFC or some sort of variation of mixed martial martial arts rules type of fight that isn't going to happen we well know that so so let's take that off the table i can't see conor mcgregor fighting manny pacquiao i just there there are too many options for manny pacquiao and boxing matches i mean against boxers i don't think manny would even entertain fighting him some sort of MMA fight but there there are there are appealing options for manny pacquiao in boxing now that he's with PBC there's the earl spencer fight there's danny garcia there are people that he can be matched against later this year when he comes back to the ring ring and then the one that was thrust upon us yesterday by bob arum is the turns crawford conor mcgregor fight which makes a little bit more sense it ah because terence crawford has a wrestling background he wasn't a high level wrestler as far as i know he he wrestled in middle school i mean i played basketball in middle the school with what does that mean exactly it's not like he could compete with it's not like he could compete with the conor mcgregor at the highest level in some sort of mixed martial arts fight now terrance crawford is a very competitive guy you know he he said all the right things yesterday but to be honest chris i think this is just more just a smokescreen from bob arum mm-hmm because they want you to take attention away from the fact that terence crawford does not have any boxers to fight there's no known opponent for his next fight they've they've already satisfied his mandatory commitment to the WBO by fighting kavaliauskas last month at the garden he can't get any of these fights against the PBC fighters that he wants at least for the time being in your aerospace manny pacquiao we thought there was a possibility that he could fight shawn porter all of a sudden him and show importer or such good friends that they can't fight that was the one PBC top-ranked fight that we thought we could see at welterweight they decided that they don't wanna do it so what is there for terence crawford at this point so so here's bob arum pulling a page out of his old promotional tricks and you know making story into into something that we know is not going to happen happened turns crawford is not going to fight conor mcgregor an m a fight i and then fighting a boxing match second it makes no sense why returns they would make a lot of money and people people would be interested in it and i'm not saying wouldn't draw mainstream attention and all that but what does that really do for tarrant crawford legacy or career he's thirty two years sold christie's go he'll be thirty three years old and september he's starting to get to the point where he's going to move out of his physical prime without having fought the type of fights at welterweight talk that we want to see him in i just don't see how fighting conor mcgregor in a UFC fight does it will make him a lot of money and i'm not saying that's not an important factor in this but other than and that what purpose would it serve tarrant crawford to do that yeah i don't think it serves crawford much if any purpose except as you said to make a boatload of money any in a couple of major events that would be watched by a lot of people but it doesn't advance him in the boxing world all it doesn't advance him as the top fighter that he wants to be in all of boxing i think i think the only fight in boxing that makes sense for conor mcgregor i think it's a fight that unfortunately we're getting more and more likely need to see is that rematch against floyd mayweather i don't know about you keith and it's i've just been getting i've been getting pretty strong sense that not only is floyd gonna come come back this year but there's a pretty decent chancy fights twice in two thousand twenty and those two people that come up are mcgregor in a rematch i which would be the the equivalent for floyd of kind of shaking off all that rushton taking what would be a doubtedly a very easy win forum at a big payday and then that rematch with manny pacquiao wacky out before the end of the year i just i've just had too many people not necessarily firsthand information but second and third information that they believe that's the direction that floyd's floyd's gonna go and i look i didn't i didn't have any interest in floyd mcgregor the first time i was very vocal about it that it was nonsensical but i i feel the same way the second time i don't have any interest in it but i do think that's where it's trending right now well here's the thing chris if he were to fight manny pacquiao if he were to come back for a fight and you know may or july or whenever and decided to fight manny pacquiao again you could make the argument that manny pacquiao claims that his shoulder injury he was a big reason why he was not as competitive as people might have expected in their first fight a manny pacquiao obviously has looked better in recent years he just beat keith thurman who say what you will about where thermal wasn't his career was ten years younger than him an undefeated welterweight champion so pack yao has accomplished some things since he fought fought mayweather the first time and whether anyone believes it or not is using that excuse to say that their rematch would be competitive and they are the two biggest names in boxing and they're rematch i don't think it would do the type of business necessarily that their first fight did but it would still do bigger business than any other boxing match that can be made read whereas the mcgregor may whether rematch there is as you said there was no point in them fighting the first time other than making a lot of money which is again a huge factor what possible reason could anyone have for wanting to see that again there's no there's no conceivable reason why they should box again the first fight was not remotely competitive competitive he stopped him in the fight conor mcgregor is no better of a boxer today than he was an august two thousand seventeen it would be farcical if they kind of farcical that they fought the first time it will be even more so the second time but i do think that if he comes back and fight manny pacquiao even though floyd will turn forty three next month and many pack yao was forty-one there will still be interested in that fight because they're the two most no names in boxing yeah i would agree with that i think that in floyd skin the case of floyd versus how you can make a reasonable argument that a nearly three year layoff for may weather coinciding with packy out fighting at a reasonably high level i mean he was in the conversation fighter of the year last year with wins over adrian owner in a win over keith thurman that sort of levels the playing field a little bit and back you'll be more active and all that stuff so i could certainly see that being a sellable and understandable fighter i'm with you on mcgregor i i just feel like we're going to see it i just feel like that mayweather okay whether dana white they're gonna get together and roll the dice and believe that there's two million people out there that will pay to see that particular fight i i'm not a fan of it but i unfortunately i feel like that is that's a possibility in the world of in order of real boxing i reported yesterday dot com that alvarez has turned his attention in to riot murata the japanese fighter who is hold a secondary middleweight title is kinetico's searches for his next opponent in two thousand twenty previously they'd been in having some conversations about billy joe saunders internally but as cannella has been vocal about wanting to fight over in japan murata would be the guy that you fight over in japan he he is enormously popular and kello barada fight would do probably fifty thousand people plus inside the tokyo dome or some other venue like that so keith heath what do you make of turning his attention ought to mirada for his next fight well it would be an enormous event in japan chris as you said because the tokyo dome can hold somewhere between i'm fifty five and sixty thousand people for boxing they would clearly sell that out i while it would be an enormous event japan and and they would all make a lot of money i go back to almost what i said about mcgregor terence crawford what does that do for canelo alvarez legacy and i'm he's obviously taken a lot of difficult difficult fights i'm not criticizing his resume by any in any way but what is this fight do for him why would he if he was going to move back down to middleweight middleweight the fight that everyone wants to see as we've talked about ad nauseam is the third fight against gennady golovkin maybe you know depending on who you ask maybe they wanna see him fight jamaal charles moore or they wanna see him fight dimitrius android and then see him fight glove can again but those are the fights people want to see canelo alvarez in at middleweight no one wants to see him fight morada morada has lost hassan and dam and lost to rob brent and while he came back to avenge both of those losses you can't take away the fact that he lost those two fights he's just not that good he's a very popular fighter in japan he's a top ten middleweight but there's no reason whatsoever for canelo alvarez defied him and canal is gonna make a lot of money no matter who he fights so you couldn't make the argument what's going to be such a big event he's gonna make so much money he's gonna make money no matter who he fights so i just don't see how this helps him in any way and then it would require i guess him for the you know this mexican unholiday the cinco de maya weekend i guess it would be may second this year that's been a big thing for them to fight in las vegas on that weekend either before after or on the actual actual day so are they going to go away from.

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