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Thrill seven in the morning. Twenty three minutes of show to go. And it's been a fun night. I've enjoyed the seasoning. Are we've gone all over the map with subject matter. And right now, they're a couple of people who still want to offer their opinion about twenty-first-century actors performance male. That are equal to if not have surpassed the cinematic history of Clark Gable Cary Grant. And or Humphrey Bogart, Jack, thanks for being patient. Your patients has paid off. Welcome aboard. Okay. Well, real quick. Did you say you were going to be somewhere Thursday night? Never mentioned Thursday at all. Okay. All right. Mistress heard. Okay. My picks right now would be Bobby deniro. I'm surprised nobody's set him into you garrison Ford. Robert. Venero? Harrison Ford F M on first. And Jack Nicholson. Ford. That is a good triple play. Okay. Although in some of the ones are your clock able. What about well? Jack lemmon. Okay. Now, I only wanted to focus on those who is still with us here in the twenty first century. Oh, I'm talking about your first list. And that's that's a good name. I read it there. And also Jimmy Stewart. And Jimmy Stewart should have been in there with grant Gable and Bogart. Okay. You're. Wow. Like that Robert Harvey. He was just on. Yeah. Show. It's a wonderful life. I. Well, I used to when it used to be on thirty eight fifty six, and you know, all that. Right. I used to have like a it's a wonderful life marathon. And this is the first time I saw no oh, God longtime, and you know, it's almost lying by line. No, no, okay. So many characters that are to show somebody did a show in a couple of weeks ago in Jordan. Was it was Jordan? Okay. All the characters that came out of it. Well, daughter rate, of course. Yes. And. There are a couple of others in there that off stop you. Gotta remember. Yeah. Sheldon leonard. Our ward barn. Frank falen. Lot of well-known performance that came from that movie. Okay. What do you think of the government shutdown? This is happened before this happened with the Clinton administration. I think it as well happened with George Herbert Walker Bush administration. I cannot remember the exact details that led to both parties saying, we're not budging. We're wind up at your budget. But I think this one is different. Yeah. I. If you can get your hands on Bob Woodward's book. Yes. I mean, this president is scary. You know, look at the number of people have left his administration because, you know, look at the number of people who are in lockstep with everything know doubt, President Trump has done. Well, it's gonna be interesting because you know, Democrats in the house anyway. Events that are locked out. Now. Get out to say they're going to win those bills this week separately. Giving appropriations for those different departments. And they're gonna send it onto the Senate. Yeah. If you realize in twenty twenty elections, it's going to be like a mirror image of what happened in this year within Republicans kid can Democrats in red states for. Reelection. Rats the Democrats better get their act together. Whom is Matt who is going to represent the Democratic Party in just a smidgen over two years from now. Well, it's early there. I don't know. I'm still waiting kind of like what's up with Warren? But I kind of think of Massachusetts Massachusetts ever since JFK, you know, we've had a string of people ran in get elected. And I know we'll see who comes up, and you know, could be another. Well, I said I think I said to you Mike ice if she would run is Michelle Obama. Right now today being the sixth of January, I think she could be competitive, but without all of the guns being turned towards her to do everything they can to blow her out of the water. Yeah. But I mean, what's the scandal? There there isn't one yet. Who knows? I don't think they'll find what. I don't I don't know. But unite both know that the dirty tricks department would be working overtime to destroy the image that she has built. Yup. Okay. Well, I'm definitely going to try to make midway one of these days. It won't be this Tuesday. But. We'll see. Not talking about the movies. The esplanade. You're going to wait to June. I must admit you have shown up down there periodically over the years. So. Yeah. Well, well, I'm hoping save before then. But I mean. The three stooges have been known to say, I we shall see. We shall see. And on that note, Jack, I'm going to say good night to you. And or accidentally put him on hold accidents put Jack Arnhold so Andrew few could take care of Jack. Thank you, Dave. And learn to get you. But I I have a break to take here. RB's e six one seven two five four ten thirty and the time and the temperature. Three fourteen thirty six degrees..

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