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Same a Taliban cadre sends it behind the net too high for Brandon Saad to control cadre throws it back in front for a cop to use their back for cat three. Knowing Go try is wide kept in those side spends away once can't do it twice comes over for McDonald is Birkoff ski was slowed up by rats. You couldn't get to the puck, and so it's dipped the center by Minnesota. I think everyone's gonna be happy that these two teams won't see each other for the rest of the regular season. Playoffs were to start today the Avalanche would play Why I should say the Minnesota Wild would play Vegas Golden, Knight says. There's no angle shot to save me by Grubauer. Perot's has it behind the Net on the Avalanche would play the Arizona Coyotes in the first round the second year in a row. Now cadre he gets tied up in high sticked. Down in the corner. Puck bounces away from sod behind comparable, He'll chase the clock to center. Now he and Cole with 2 50 to go in the second again. 53 Minnesota, Theresa over, skated the puck lobs it for Ralph caps back ahead by Burroughs that's blocked and MacDonald can clearly Johnson loses an edge that allows Belmar to escape. As he taps it into the wild zone non for chasing after it behind the net, kept in by Devante for the backhand, wants to return passed down the boards instead. Have lines trying to get there. It's O'Brien jt calm for Belle Mark. He hops up Buck.

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