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Well yesterday in nav with pro football talk dot com dungy said that didn't make the commons ten private saying quote i never had a conversation with jim are saying this is news develops on sports day plus tonight on the six doors burke life from boston to preview alonso versus guy paul pierce ways and on the biggest obstacle mike and do not react to the latest college football player rankings points six espn at six pm eastern axiom thank you i'm tony eta this one is very interesting tony dungy not a fan of the way andrew luck is being handled in indy clearly max what does this mean for his future first i want to address the earth thing that'll get to looks huge in the second half and i wanna say preps it by saying i'm a big andrew luck fan i think everyone knows it watches this show i think luck is great and i'm a fan of locks because he is awesome and i'm not a fan of her seas because he is not what a terrible owner and he makes such to bid comments publicly and this is the same guy by the way caught by the cops with a bunch of cash and drugs in his car in prescription okay you want to talk about there's some the problem is an andrew looks head not a shoulder per se the problems in your head obviously stop projecting on edge luck but i mean that's such an idiotic comment the problem is that andrew luck play toy torn away from even though doctors didn't want him to because you're dysfunctional organization which starts with you hadn't played through the labor because he's not i it's a it's a problem and it has andrew luck isn't toughen of what this means if you're andrew luck and his representatives is you need to get the hell out of indy get out you have to get out yesterday steven and no you've been calling for this for awhile.

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