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Join me now john carr via radio host out of the miami area also longtime team of the world of law enforcement in the south bronx with the nypd and a guy with more connections to inside dc and outside the beltway than anybody i now he he joins us now john carr deal on twitter c a r d i l l o and you know those early tea party days that that was me that was me while you were i think still work in the beat or just done with the beaten you were building your your radio show out there but you know people inside that beltway and how what's the reaction to mccain and collins and macau ski saying thanks but no thanks republicans the her mocking her and my bianconi unclear lawn kooky bogeyed hit people argue live at i had a pretty dominant interpreted consultant here in florida who operate greek lord eighty i argue with him all the time i column lakhdaria com there are a rhino could complicate emomali that have been created it guardian heath tell me out it's crazy to locate the election of president trump he doesn't think i'm crazy anymore any country apart good morning when the news broke of a mccain lookout he and calling attracting over to the bank guide they did vote and he would decide and felt he could man was idea blind economizing look blindly looking in the emperor yet yeah many people inside the cockpit out the voters are living there absolutely led to a a a european republican party that you're bitterly condemned on every issue even work you could look through the cali gag he was gonna caucus would end on nickel he'd no surprise brick house key with a lastminute turncoat navient ideological but i think it mclean quakers has nothing to do with ideology he decreed for president he knows that he is either limit in immigration and you can have your entire eighty years old aggression kanther and i eagerly even every remaining minute war the president agenda and would that for america he beat lambda now i i had.

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