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Dash t dot com truth truce my wife has never been fully limbo field so is scudb her first packers game very much looking forward to it all right big story number two pg 13 related morning there is a woman in texas fort bend county don't ask me where that is fort bend county texas who has been driving around town she has a pickup truck doesn't everybody that's not unusual and in the back of the pickup truck monitors but it this is not a bumper sticker this is a giant a giant sticker that takes up about half of her rear rear rear windshield uh the rear mirror um so you got the abed of the pickup truck then you know you've got the glass mirror the people look at of and she's got right in the middle of this in a takes up about again lay said but probably by half of the the rear window and what it says well i can't say on the radio what it says but and i was going to do this is a text out but i thought now we're not gonna add this i know here's what it says it's the f word big capital letters it is the f word spelled out its entirety it says blank trump and then blank you although it doesn't say blake you a blank trump and blank you for voting for him so it's this huge thing and she drives around town with this displayed prominently so everybody can see it now the sheriff has been getting a number of complaints from people and and it's not just g we we love president trump how dare she say this many of the complaints are i'm driving through town i've got my six year old kid or my seven year old kid in the front seat and were behind this pickup truck that his proudly and prominently displaying the the f word in multiple occasions and and it's it's not necessarily the content of the the message but it's rather the way the woman is expressing these people are saying you know what is just the fence if this this is public it's the oath public she's driving around and we're sitting there with our kids and we're having to explain she what exactly does this mean when the kid looks up and.

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