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And you know, I it was just we're like, let's just get the trucks out of here yet. And you know, even the business. I don't know how long we're even going to be here. Yeah. We were looking at a place in Bensalem. We were looking at diamond furniture. Okay. No. And I know my brother went up there street road out right on perfect location is. Yeah, you know. Hydrate their storage facility and turnpike's three miles down the road. You're gonna move the Bensalem, and they basically shut us down. They you know, you could have went to the variance hearings and all that stuff, but they said to run a storage facility in Bensalem township. It'd be a great business for this township. But it has to be on five acres land. Not three. Jeez. And they shut down. They shut down rural farms to, you know, a lot of pool up here. Yeah. Shot us down. So there's other buildings, but I mean for a storage facility like that building would have paid for itself on a couple of years, and they wanted a lot of money for like two point three million for well, you know, but you know, there's other buildings we haven't really figured that out yet. But you know, once we get there. We'll do that. Yeah. I I have a question for you talked about, you know, one of the biggest challenges keeping your guys around. And now, you have guys at work on a seniority system through those kind of tough times, you talked about you know, almost losing a business. How'd you keep your guys loyalty where they friends or? I mean, you know, what was it about it that that kept them coming, you know, everyday for work. Some of them are some of them are friends, not not a lot of them. There's there's only a couple that are friends that have been here from the beginning. Right. You know? And we do we run through guys, you know. And they don't realize what it is because moving a little different than than your regular nine to five. It's really hard to keep guys if they're not a mover like you have to be cut from different club. Like, for example. Most people go to work every day and their shift is. From this time to that time, and you have a fifteen minute a thirty minute break moving not like that today. You might be on a one bedroom apartment that's two and a half to four and a half hours or you might come in the next day. And you're on a two truck six-man move. That's twelve to fourteen hours here it fluctuates so much. But that's the hardest part about even keeping guys. So if you're not used to that lifestyle a lot of people can't adjust because you don't your family life struggles, my family life struggled even running a business in general. You're like, oh the level of just with that. It's crazy. And you're like, oh, I'm gonna make all this money. It's going to be great. And this and that and then I don't wanna work forty hours anymore. Now, you're working eighty to one hundred. Chapel. Right. You think you're changing it for less time? We're.

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