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Maybe that's that's a stupid thing, which is like, oh God, because you know, when they start dating the kind of like normal people. Yeah. And then the, they think they're going to be like reprieves unlike these wonderful like grounding figures in their lives and end up being just have dated married their agents. It's been quite a few. Think it's the person that you're around the most? I now it's a person doesn't really works for you is inspiring to be honest, because then it's like, Yup, make it work, continued to work for me, but now we're married and he still worked for me and like, oh, she's dating like another hung, da, whatever. It's not. It's not surprising. It's not wishing to come on. We will. We will keep you abreast of stars porn, Oscar knows. But if you want the most go to go to little actually just had an episode on why stars born. It's like the movie to beat. Listen to them other things you miss what your way I'll do like a, I'll do like a speed round and you can like, give me your one comment or whatever. Okay. Okay. Ready. Jan. Janna Kramer wants to do a live podcast while giving birth. What's your comment. Like who is that? No, I know I know who that is. What's your comment? I don't have a comment. I think. No, I feel like no, like no don't do that. Hallmark has thirty seven Christmas movies coming out. What's your comment? Not enough. Okay. Let's see what else? How many of them start Candace Cameron Bure honestly, like forever. I or something crazy. Did he and Cassie split after dating for eleven years shocked really? But also not that shot while great comments. I'm going to skip this for a second. We'll come back to it. Joe Jude is is getting deported after jail turns out member. We we like mention that, but we were like that seems like a lull note. It said I said, I just missed him. He'll be going back to Italy right after I leave to bed next up Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee son joined the hills revival not as big of a deal as Michel Barton joining. Okay, okay. And Jeff Lewis is like NFL with Andy Cohen. How do you feel about like the cancel? Because he was the cancellation eighty. It's time I couldn't believe that show is still on, and also I kind of I used to watch it and I just don't like meet energy though. Don't you think he's probably very, really mean energy? I feel bad for Jenny and Andy kind of his. He has to put up with him, I think. Yeah, whatever. Yeah, Mandy. Mandy doesn't put up with and the last thing not on the speed round, but in the actual round. Maybe the last thing we talk about which was huge for. I mean when this happened like the earthquake, which is reports that Jessie j and Channing Tatum are hooking up. Yes, yes. Yes. He, I love it. It's perfect. It's great. Literally, the best thing that's ever happened. I cannot believe it took this long. For Jesse, didn't Ebersol listener. You kidding? Like I mean, for Channing Tatum to nap himself, the most famous person in China. It's so true God aside from fan being being God, she's visit. So in married, it's so funny. I think I want to a party wants to like be polite and say like, okay, but house Jenin all this. It really isn't about her. He's she's dating the famous one. He's the famous. She's awesome shading. She's on people on the resident. I've seen her. She plays so mentioned the resident anymore. Lindsey, please stop mentioning the president. She has a guest roles, she's fine. Okay. I loved this. This piece from people that you put in here the London. It says, who is Jessie? J the story. There is a perfect like a little call out in the story. And then there's a second a separate segment that's like, who is Jessie j for the heads? And you know what? It doesn't say. It doesn't mention the singer at all. We just crazy. 'cause that's arguably the most interesting about interesting thing about her. It's like, oh, cool. She has like a song called domino and she was on bang, bang like that's not Jessie. J they don't even mention domino. They don't mention her best song. How they did. I heard coming out of storefronts twice. Also, I love says a source. She is a real sense of humor dole..

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