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Remember Allan Sherman? His first album, My Son, The Folk Singer, which came out in 1962 became the fastest selling record album up to that time. And we're gonna play his biggest hit single, which was released in August of 1963. It was based on the lyrics. Uh, he based the lyrics on letters of complaint. That Allan Sherman got from his son, Robert, who was attending Camp Champlain, a summer camp in Westport, New York Hello, Mara. Hello Fatah camp, Granada became a surprise novelty hit. It got up to number two on the Billboard charts for three weeks in the summer. Of 63. Allan Sherman was born right here in Chicago. We went to the University of Illinois. And they say here and mostly C grades, he contributed to a humor column. In the daily A lion at a college newspaper. He eventually was expelled. For breaking into the Sigma Delta sorority house with his girlfriend. At the time became became his wife, Delores, eventually And since this is the first official full day of summer, we thought we'd give you this. Mm hmm. Hello, Marta. Hello, Fatah. Here I am at Camp Granada campus. Very entertaining, and they say we'll have some fun and it stops raining. I went hiking with Joe Spivey. He developed poison ivy. You remember clamored Skinner. He got domain poisoning last night after dinner. All the counselors I hate the waiters, and the lake has Allocators and the head coach wants no sissies. So he reads to us from something called you This. He's now I don't want this should scare you. But my bunkmate has malaria. You remember Jeffrey Hardy. They're about to organize a searching party. Mhm. Take me home or modified to take me home. I hate grand harder. Don't leave me out in the forest where I might get eaten by a bear. Take me home. I promise I will not may big noise or mess the house with other boys. Oh, please don't make me stay. I've been here. They're one whole day. Dearest Fatah, darling. Martha. How's my precious? A little product. Let me come home. If you miss me, I would even let and for the hug and kiss me. Wait a minute, can stop hailing. Guys are swimming, Kaiser sailing playing baseball. Gee, that's better modified a kindly disregard this ladder up. Mm hmm. Still funny. Allan Sherman.

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