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Shocked that. Not At that point, right? When you've dated Naggus, the average lesbian will be an eye opening experience. People can actually listen consider me and like 'cause I bet this just listens. Like listen and like actually ask things she says how her day was interested in the end like anyone care. Has Follow up question. Do you know reciprocates the energy that macy is giving? You know provides a dialogue not. It's like. What's not to love so Yeah I'm very happy for her very happy there what I discovered what I did some digging is that her wife is actually the winner of the one season of that missy Elliott talent. Show on UPN call wrote, start him and a crazing I didn't know until I looked it up today. That's who it wasn't it remember. But the only thing I remember about that show is literally that Mona Scott was adjudged. TEENA. Marie was the judge. Was a contestant in one. That's the only thing that I remembered about it but it wasn't until I looked her up that I was like Oh shit that's. That's who this is. So has a great voice looks good as fuck and I think they make a fantastic couple or really hot couple also and weirdly loving the fact that curbs. Listen are over here on a woman slapped. Because Nick Czar gnashing their teeth right now they do not understand how this could ask. Do I know exactly how this should happen Sharia somebody I. Don't know which one of them Ho sent me a screen shot from. Jessica's Instagram and I said Oh. Yes I see. Exactly. How this went down from start to finish apparently, she played the wedding singer on an episode of clause where Nissan Nashes character was getting married. Oh so.

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