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I'm Richard, Cantu for now no interview President Trump's. Lawyers rejecting special, counsel Robert Muller's request for an in person interview. On subjects including obstruction of Justice will Muller subpoena the president, it's hard to see where it goes from here given it the Trump legal team has rejected so much of. What the special counsel has. Asked for, as for a subpoena it absolutely is a possibility in fact the Trump legal team has been preparing to fight. A subpoena on the belief that one could well become ABC's Jonathan Karl a conservative US congressman and Trump supporter from western. New York state was arrested and charged with insider trading Representative Christopher Collins is, alleged to have told his son about a failed pharmaceutical trial allowing his son and others to sell their, shares before the stock tank Collins has denied wrongdoing and says he, will be on the ballot in November prosecutors in New Mexico say Sarah's found, the compound where eleven starving children. Were found living in squalor. Was training them to carry out school Shootings held within the. Next day very brief court. Appearance John, said pending a bail hearing Sera will remain in jail in court documents prosecutors claim was at the compound in. New Mexico training children to carry out school shootings they say a foster parent of one of the children claim that will. Hoshyar train the child and the use of an assault rifle preparing for future, school shootings and like stone ABC news police in southern California have arrested fifty one year old forest Gordon, Clark on charges of arson alleging he set ablaze two days ago, that's burn sixty two hundred acres and twelve cabins in the Cleveland national forest, Orange County supervisor Todd Spitzer a monster Who would go out with low humidity and high wind and the highest heat temperatures this. Time of the year and intentionally set the. Forest on fire you're listening..

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