Arthur Flakus, John Wayne Gacy, Joaquin Phoenix discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Mean they're both very dark films though the one the one thing that really stands out which okay I'll just get into and out of what should be in a contract with the question was yeah I mean we've been seeing this while I watch the trailers for it is the comedy club the joker where Joaquin Phoenix character Arthur Flakus performing he goes there at one point as a member of the audience and then later on he actually performs is called pogo's and this is a clear reference to the serial killer John Wayne Gacy who's noticed the killer clown he used to masqueraded children's hospitals and birthday parties in this clown costume this clown persona was called pogo the clown so so I mean you you you have this very dark symbolism of this night club being named after a very infamous American serial killer who masqueraded as a killer clown and then if you if you pay attention to it the actual face paint of Joaquin Phoenix is actually designed to imitate John Wayne Gacy with the blue triangles over the eyes and the raid the region of the red skins sinister grain and this is what day she's cloud make up was with the white face with the blue triangles and the red red smile this is a make up that is actually shunned by professional clowns because it's designed subconsciously to resemble a human skull so you'll you'll see you'll see how the joker when you watch it pay attention to the name of the night club and when you actually watching Joaquin Phoenix when he becomes the joker.

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