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Three point favorite in Eugene to take on the Oregon. Ducks really don't need a whole lot of build up for a game like this. No, you don't. And it's probably one of the top three or four games of the weekend. I'm just not buying wash. Can they haven't looked right and you know, I go back to the Auburn opener, hey, that was good. Solid performance from watching than just couldn't get it done in the red zone. Six trips inside the fifteen only got, I think scored one touchdown. I mean around he has Auburn stinks in Washington might be average. I mean, by average, I mean compared to what we at least thought coming in the season. I, I wouldn't put Washington as a clear cut top five top sixteen in the country. I don't think anyone would at this point Oregon nightspot for them. They're fresh off a bye should be unbeaten Stanford collapse. You could say multitude of plays when against them just for them to lose that game. Washington's back to back road really struggled with the UCLA last week Oregon used to. I used to autumn was an auto play on Oregon and a series for so long. They cut one in covered twelve straight. Kind of last two years have been vantage Washington, and then some quitting by forty nine thirty five points. But I, I gotta play the spot here. Gimme Oregon plus the field goal. I just wouldn't wash minus one and I'm not a big believer in the huskies either. I mean, I, I completely agree with you. They got the big blowout win over BYU, but there's something about this team that doesn't look right. The offense is not explosive at all. The defense is still very good. If they win this game, it'll be because of the defense, but Washington just doesn't have that same feeling like you mentioned. Jake Browning has been a guy. I think it has regressed over the course of his college career. I mean two years ago that got through forty, three touchdown passes. I think he has that anywhere close to that combined since so it Washington is is a team that I don't have a whole lot of trust for Oregon is interesting because they gave that game against Stanford away and some crazy things happen. And we all know that. But man, they look prepared. They looked ready to go. And that was a big question about Mario. Christobal coming into the season was is either right fit for this type of program? Yeah, they lost the game, but they were up twenty four, seven in the first half with really good in the process. Justin Herbert look great in that game. I think you've got to trust the ducks if anything here. Yeah, and let's talk line value if they hold on to beat Stanford and look, there's two different points that game that ninety nine percent chance to win the game. What does this line if they're on being isn't pick? Is Oregon slightly favored? If you're looking denting you know where to find value in the marketplace. A lot of times just if you change one or two plays in a game or one play in each game, and it's a couple of games would aligned being. I got it. Thank this line is pick them if Oregon's unbeaten at home and then blow the game against Stanford. That's excellent point. I completely agree with that. So yeah. Hey, maybe this is Oregon's kind of coming out party. Maybe we get a little bit of chaos here in the Pac twelve north at work and does take care of business and this one. How about we go to another premier game here? One sixty nine one seventy, Wisconsin and Michigan. If you haven't checked this number in a little while you're probably going to be surprised to see that this high nine and a half in the market with the wolverines getting a lot of steamier in the middle of the week. Yeah, I I liked Wisconsin earlier in the week, but but the more I talked to people, I think I'm on the wrong side of that one. I'm just historically speaking, here's my thought processes..

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